Music Moves Europe - Online and Offline Distribution

In late 2015, the European Commission started a dialogue with representatives from the music sector in Europe with the aim to identify key challenges and possible ways to tackle them, including EU support. “Music Moves Europe” has since become the framework for these discussions and more broadly for EU initiatives and actions to promote the diversity and competitiveness of Europe’s music sector, in terms of policy and funding. One important outcome of that dialogue is the AB Music Working Group report in 2016. The report revealed the need to support music creation, promote musical diversity and to explore the opportunities offered by music online and offline distribution more effectively.

Call for proposals
To implement the 2018 Preparatory Action: "Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent", the Commission launches four different calls to test suitable actions with a view to more targeted EU support for music post-2020:
(a)  Music Moves Europe - Online and offline distributions
(b)  Music Moves Europe - The feasibility study for the establishment of a European Music Observatory, and a gap analysis of funding needs for the music sector
(c)  Music Moves Europe - Training Scheme For Young Music Professionals
(d)  Music Moves Europe - Study on a European Music Export Strategy

This call for proposals aims at identifying and supporting up to 10 online or offline distribution projects, initiatives and start-ups to promote diversity and increase the circulation of European music repertoire across Member States and to address existing obstacles, such as national fragmentation along with language barriers, which hamper promotion and visibility of music repertoire across national borders within Europe.

The following, non-exhaustive types of individual organisations or consortiums may apply to this call: music companies, music service providers, broadcasters, digital service providers, retailers, concert and festival organisers, clubs and music venues.
The call intends to support projects that deliver an increased presence of European local and diverse music offer in all segments of the music markets (online, TV, radio, physical sales, and live).

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is estimated at EUR 300.000.
The maximum grant will be EUR 30.000 per supported proposal.
The Commission expects to fund around 10 proposals.
The EU grant is limited to a maximum co-financing rate of 90% of eligible costs.

Deadline (extended): 17/09/2018 13:00 CET